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7 solutions for clinical problems MD's and PT's face every day

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  • Your poblem solving Toolbox

    The "Toolbox" is a series of short films which offer you a fast track to a solution for diagnostic and therapeutic questions you experience each day. Clear, comprehensive and practical...for 9.9 euro only

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  • Show me the techniques !

    Have a look at 97 examination and treatment procedures, illustrated in a very practical way, and learn how to perform those in the most optimal way for you and your patient, so that you reach optimal efficiency. Available in English, Espanol, Polski.

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  • Can I do this at home ?

    You would like to bring your musculoskeletal knowledge to a higher level ? I help you solving clinical questions and guide you through “live” personal coaching sessions, each month, added with the “Masterclass” study package of 68 lessons on diagnosis and treatment strategy. From 99 Euro/month.

    12 “live” coaching sessions + Masterclass

I am your private teacher !

  • Inspiring health professionals to bring them to their next level in clinical practice is my passion.  Fascilitating examination and treatment procedures as well as innovating continuing education services keeps my going. 
  • Until now I had the pleasure to teach more than 1.000 course days for PT's and MD's,  in over 37 countries world wide. 
  • Today you can enjoy my expertise in your own home !  I go for YOUR success in orthopaedic medicine !
  • Steven De Coninck, MSc PT, chair European Teaching Group of Orthopaedic Medicine (ETGOM)