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    Discover in a comprehensive way the basics of orthopaedic medicine that will have an immediate positive effect on your daily clinical practice.

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  • Orthopaedic Discovery course

    Ready for your first steps in orthopaedic medicine ? In this “Orthopaedic Discovery” course you will discover some highlights of the extremities and the spine.

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    Go for "Premium" and choose the most comprehensive package available, 16 hrs of film, including a number of extra advantages. Study orthopaedic medicine in detail for less than 1 USD/day

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This is so much more than a platform just showing some awsesome techniques...

  • You will discover and really understand different clinical images
  • You will analyse different pathologies and the relation between different clusters of positive and negative tests
  • You will determine an efficient treatment plan

More than 20 hours of practical film instruction in which we only focus on what really is useful and practical for you and brings you immediate more success and satisfaction in your daily clinical practice